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Our Story

Give  Me 5 was established in 2009 as a fundraising  team to participate in the Run for the Kids.

The intention of Give Me 5 is to raise money for the Royal Children's Hospital and support the amazing work they do not only for Victorian children but children around Australia and the world. It is all about helping those who are our smallest and most vulnerable.


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The Team

We have over 150 runners in our team who will take part in the event wearing our custom team t-shirts.

We have been one of the highest fundraising team since inception and the biggest team by number of participants in the Run. 

With over 5,500km’s under our belt we have run to Sydney and back 6 times, up and down Mount Everest 275 times!


How to Donate

Give Me 5 has raised over $531,501 to support the services of the Royal Children’s Hospital. The money raised is used by The Royal Children's Hospital ChIPS Program (Chronic Illness Peer Support Program) .

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